What is Retirement 101?

An Overview

Retirement 101 is an organization dedicated to promoting knowledge and understanding of financial and retirement planning concepts among our communities. Our courses provide in-depth instruction on critical financial topics that are essential to achieve and protect financial independence.

How We Operate

We communicate our message through retirement courses at local community and educational institutions that embody our beliefs to promote adult education and eliminate financial illiteracy. Retirement 101 also partners with local non-profit groups and educational institutions who demonstrate a commitment and desire to educate the public on important financial planning subjects.

Instructors & Resources

All of our instructors are CFP Board Certified and have met education and testing requirements in the courses they instruct. For those who require additional resources, we provide a complimentary 90-minute consultation with a local CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional that is highly trained in retirement and financial planning concepts.


We educate on more than just asset allocation with our retirement classes.


We offer our courses at multiple sites throughout San Diego & Orange County.


All our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, & CFP Board Certified.


Learn from Retirement Specialists!

All of our instructors are qualified financial professionals. They have the knowledge & experience needed to help you understand the retirement process.