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The answers to our retirement questions are just mathematical problems

A lot of people have opinions, sometimes even strong opinions, on how you should approach retirement. In today's digital era, its seems like everyone has an opinion and they are all different. But that's just what they are... opinions! Here at Retirement 101, we feel this is the problem with a lot of the advice today. The answers to whether you should pay off your mortgage or not, when you should take social security, or if you have enough to retire are are not opinions. They are all mathematical equations with definitive answers, and teaching you how to find the answers to these math problems is the purpose of this course. 

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Do these questions sound familiar?

Should I pay off my mortgage?
Should I buy long term care insurance?
How do I not run out of money in retirement?
How much of my money should be in the stock market?
When should I take social security?
Do I really need a trust?
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It's Just Math!

Retirement 101 provides in-depth financial education. We focus on personal financial concepts that are critical for families and individuals to pursue and preserve their financial independence. Our objective is to help people make better financial decisions, which will ultimately allow them to lead better lives.

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Topics Covered in Class

The Financial Planing Process
Creating Financial Statements
Investing in Retirement
Retirement Income
Managing Risk
Estate Planning
Social Security
Tax Planning

Your Questions Created Our Course!

We have been teaching this course live and in person for a decade. Our course curriculum is developed from the questions asked by thousands of retirees just like you!

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Learn on Any Device

Our creators developed our course to be made available on all devices including iPhones, tablets, and computers! No software needs to be installed. The entire course is online, and you will access it just like you would an email account, Facebook, Google or other online login.  

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